Done by Alex

Done by Alex is a relatively young brand, that was started in 2020. Here we create products with adventurers and explorers in mind.

Our products are inspired by the beauty of our National Parks and the world around us. With our stickers, pins and maps, we allow others to commemorate their visits and to keep track of all the places they have visited.

100% handmade soap bar


Adventure & Nature

Our mission is to inspire others to visit our National Parks in a responsible manner. To be able to admire the world around us and leave a very light footprint during our visits there. 

We try to educate others in the importance of taking care of our environment and having fun on their adventures while also having a positive impact on the destination, its people, environment, and wildlife.

We donate a small percentage of every sale to programs that helps protect our wildlife and park lands. 


"Create a shop that can help spread love for our National Parks"

I am an artist and photographer who loves all things travel and adventures. I started my small shop with a simple idea of making  stickers, maps and enamel pins inspired by my adventures around the world.

I wanted to create a shop that can help spread love for our National Parks and the world around us.

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